Monday, December 17, 2012

Farewell, Extreme!


The last original episode of the long-running and highly regarded series Extreme Makeover: Home Edition airs Monday night, December 17, 2012 as the last of 4 holiday specials.  These specials were commissioned after the series finale, and are officially the last “builds” of the show’s 212-build run.  For the cast and crew, they were the last of many magical experiences working with communities across America, and now that the final episode is airing, it’s time to reflect on all that the series accomplished.

Because the entertainment media is more interested in what is NOW (even if it’s bad) than what WAS (even if it’s good), I thought I would take up some blogspace to give this show the send-off it deserves.  Below you will find many details about the show’s past and its influence.  Please feel free to peruse and ruminate on what occurred over the last 9 years on our public airwaves.

EM:HE episodes addressed the following, and more:

·      Organ donation
·      Bone marrow transplants
·      Heart transplants
·      Technology for quadriplegics
·      Latest prosthetic technologies for amputees
·      Post traumatic stress disorder
·      Traumatic brain injuries
·      Dwarfism
·      Autism
·      Leukemia
·      Brain tumors
·      Breast cancer
·      Childhood cancer
·      Pancreatic Cancer
·      Embolisms
·      Multiple Sclerosis
·      Cerebral Palsy
·      Brittle Bone Disease
·      Spinal Muscular Atrophy
·      Prader-Willie Syndrome
·      Spina Bifida
·      ALS
·      Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
·      Chiari Malformation
·      Blindness and genetic eye disorders
·      Deafness
·      Epilepsy
·      Drug addiction
·      Birth defects
·      Aqua therapy
·      Equine therapy
·      Canine therapy
·      Childhood obesity
·      Premature birth
·      Polymorphous Light eruption - allergic to the sun
·      Krabbe disease – nervous system disorder
·      Down syndrome
·      HIV/AIDS and its stigma, for adults and for children
·      And probably the issue we hit on the most, and should not be underestimated… accessibility for the disabled, so that their lives can be lived with movement, and with courage.

·      Homelessness among our female veterans
·      Bullying / Resulting suicide.  (200,000 signed the pledge!)
·      Texting while driving
·      Adoption and fostering
·      International adoption
·      Ownership of exotic animals – don’t de-claw your cat!
·      Low income housing
·      Pressures on families at home while loved ones serve overseas
·      Drunk Driving
·      Missing Children
·      Gentrification of neighborhoods
·      No-kill animal shelters
·      Domestic pet adoption and fostering
·      Gang violence
·      Grandparents raising grandchildren
·      Single Moms, Single Dads
·      Teen mothers
·      Child abuse
·      Kidnapping prevention
·      Orphans
·      Poverty
·      Literacy
·      Domestic abuse, and legislation to stop it

·      Safety in the workplace
·      Fire safety in the home
·      Toxins in the home: Asbestos, lead, mold, radon
·      Choking
·      Swimming pool safety
·      Termites
·      Marriage counseling
·      Military reunions
·      Con-artist contractors
·      Green building practices and technologies
·      And honoring our everyday heroes every chance we had:  The police officers, the fire fighters, the teachers, the community leaders.

·      Special Olympics
·      Paralympics
·      American Red Cross – Life Saving CPR
·      American Cancer Society
·      Donate Life
·      Humane Society
·      Easter Seals
·      Girl Scouts
·      March of Dimes
·      Mothers Against Drunk Driving
·      AmeriCorps
·      Ronald McDonald House
·      Starkey Hearing Foundation
·      Motorcycle ministries
·      Puppies Behind Bars
·      Understanding Dwarfism
·      Food banks all over the country
·      Soles for Souls in JAMAICA – 1,000 shoes to needy kids
·      ALL branches of our military
·      Operation Finally Home
·      Building Homes for Heroes
·      And in our very last episode, Helping a Hero, who, because of the show, was able to raise $1.1 million and commit to building 10 homes for 10 wounded warriors in the coming year.  What a way to go out!

5) DISASTERS – The most devastating natural and manmade events of the decade.
·      Hurricane Katrina
·      9/11
·      Haiti earthquake – sending water purification systems SO THOUSANDS can survive day to day
·      Ft. Hood shooting
·      Joplin tornado – 7 homes in 7 days

·      A Dad’s dying wish that his family of adopted special needs children will live in a suitable home.  He died two days after we left.
·      Several couples who were wed on the show are now happily married, and one couple engaged on the show will wed soon.
·      An amputee wounded warrior can now run.
·      A quadriplegic gymnast can play X-Box, drink a glass of water, and text his girlfriend, without help from his family.
·      A disaster relief worker can deliver life-saving water purification all over the world with his new plane GPS and instruments.
·      A teacher inspires students to stay fit with his Move to the Groove truck!
·      A paraplegic police officer, shot in the neck in the line of duty, because of his new track and harness system in his brand new barn, rides a horse – in his backyard - whenever he wants.
·      A baseball star, now quadriplegic, can play catch with his kids in his backyard.
·      A mother whose son suffers from Prader-Willie syndrome, doesn’t have to worry about him eating himself to death, because she was given a specially designed pantry, refrigerator, and cabinets.
·      A disabled soldier who could not stand upright, can now stand and walk his daughter down the isle at her wedding.
·      Dozens of individuals with weakened immune systems and breathing conditions now breath fresh clean filtered air in their own home.
·      Family members who could not lift their disabled loved one, can transport them to the shower, to the bathtub, to bed, to the therapy pool, thanks to the track systems installed in their new homes.
·      Countless individuals can maneuver through their homes in wheelchairs, usually in brand new wheelchairs.
·      Our families who foster and adopt, now equipped with suitable homes, have been able to foster and adopt hundreds, and will continue to do so.
·      Over a hundred deaf students, parents, and Oregon School for the Deaf alumni can HEAR, thanks to cutting edge hearing devices.
·      Hundreds of thousands have signed pledges, including no texting while driving, undoubtedly having SAVED COUNTLESS LIVES.
·      Dozens of small businesses are thriving – marriage counseling, massage therapy, hair salons, car garages, photography studios - helping our families contribute to their communities.
·      And MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of scholarships have been awarded to 150+ individuals.  Many are currently attending, and many have graduated and are now thriving.

·      A refurbished food bank – now serving 4x the number of needy than the day we arrived.
·      Numerous day care centers – hundreds, probably thousands by now, of children who have received proper day care
·      A camp for kids with HIV
·      A soup kitchen
·      A library in the inner city
·      A renovated free clinic
·      A boxing ring and a wrestling ring, keeping untold youth are off the streets
·      A coffee house – where Sam Malek continues to serve coffee FREE to all disabled individuals, and hires only disabled individuals
·      A girl scout log cabin, where 8 more girls attend camp each summer
·      A Girls Hope home – providing housing to at risk young women who no doubt will go on to change the world
·      A Haunted House – now raising a $ ¼ million each year for educational and sports programs
·      A new dorm for deaf boys
·      A museum for military artifacts
·      A home that daily, and for years to come, will serve the needs of homeless female veterans and their families
·      Three homes – entire homes - DONATED to needy families
·      The city of Buffalo, where blocks and blocks of improvements changed a neighborhood for hundreds
·      A preschool, now on higher ground, where hundreds and hundreds, and in the years to come, thousands and thousands, will receive a fantastic educational experience
·      Basketball courts, soccer fields, baseball fields, and a football field!
·      And, everyday, an entire community is inspired to rebuild their lives and their town every time they see the 7 beautiful homes on top of a hill in Joplin, Missouri

8) WHO KNOWS? - How many people, from watching the show, have decided to:
·      Adopt or foster
·      Not text and drive
·      Not bully
·      Give blood
·      Donate an organ
·      Donate food
·      Exercise
·      Donate to a charity
·      Adjust their stereotypes of others
·      Help a neighbor
·      Just treat people better!

We learned so many things while working on EM:HE… about the resilience of human beings, about the camaraderie of volunteerism, about having faith in people and what they can accomplish for others.  We also learned about our country, and noted that that resilience, camaraderie, and faith is found in every corner of our great nation.  The show traveled to all 50 states – many states over and over again.  No matter where we went – small town or big city – people showed us the very best of humanity.  It is reassuring and inspiriting to know this is not a regional rarity; it is a countrywide phenomenon.  Isn’t it wonderful that the aspect of our country that makes us most unique is something so encouraging? 

We will always remember…
·      The families revealing their vulnerabilities with trust and love in their hearts.
·      The grandma planting flowers in the middle of the night looking for no recognition, then, thanking US for the opportunity to help her neighbor.
·      Ty and the designers staying up all night to deliver a home on time.
·      The donated baked goods for the workers stacked on top of each other, table after table.
·      The American flags.  Oh those American flags!  Hanging from fire truck ladders, from cranes, from trees.
·      The volunteers who never stopped coming…

So we all signed up to change lives.  Of course the surprise was that we changed too, and we have the families, the communities, and each other to thank for that.  I know I hug my wife and kids a lot tighter when I come home, and I appreciate every moment of health and happiness.  Thank you for that.  I hope that what we ALL take away is that we continue to appreciate every individual, no matter what they look like, what they sound like, or how they act, and I hope we can keep forever our new sense of understanding that this experience has given us.

- Brady Connell
December 17, 2012

Finally, be sure to check out the following link.  It is the page for fans to say goodbye to the show.  Make sure you keep pushing “more” at the bottom of each page, because it goes on and on!  To give you a taste, I have listed a few below that were posted over just a few hour period that followed the finale.

39 minutes ago
I love the show and wish you weren't leaving.:( I have to say all the episodes touched my heart. Extreme Makeover Home Edition has been fabulous and has brought tears to my eyes many times from the stories of so many and the happiness and love you guys have given. It has been a show I could watch with my children and that they have enjoyed. Thank you for everything you have done for all the families and of course the school you rebuilt in Nashville, Tn. You are a fabulous team and hate seeing you go. ABC can feel free to bring the show and all of you guys back at anytime and I'll be watching.
49 minutes ago
Petition ABC to bring back Extreme Makeover Home Edition by signing the petition you can make a difference. Were not ready to say goodbye
1 hour ago
Thanks for the 9 years that I have watched all your shows...I hate to see such great work leave the air...The laughter the tears the joy the hard work and letting us see that you are as human as everyone else. Morgan my grandaughter whom is 8 is really upset also. she grew up watching this with her grandma and grandpa.I am praying that you come back or someone else takes up the torch...good luck in your new jobs...
1 hour ago
The map in Joplin said it all. Our country can come together to help each and I don't know how you can end a show that shows we can work together as a country to help each other. Ty and the design team have done a fabulous job and they will be missed. ABC you will never be able to replace this show with anything better. When all the news talks about is war, violence and politics, we need something like this to show how we can be.Thank you Ty and design team for giving you all every show. Take care and stay safe.
1 hour ago
I have not watched a single episode without crying. The producers and the designers and the builders and the volunteers are truly heroes. I sincerely loved this show and I am very sad to see it come to an end. It really is one of the few shows on tv that gives me hope. It truly displays the good in people. It is astonishing and incredibly inspiring what you guys have been able to accomplish. I thank you for providing years of great laughs and amazing stories. You seriously have one of the best jobs in the world. I hope ABC can come up with some more shows that are just as incredible as this one.
1 hour ago
Face Book site for bringing the show back Please sign the petition for ABC to return the show as well
1 hour ago
This show is what TV was made for. Thanks for all the memories. Your show will be missed. I never write in to shows, but this was different. Missed you on Sunday night - now for good. I know the USA needs programs like this. Thanks again Ty, ABC, and all your helpers and volunteers.
1 hour ago
I have been watching and crying from day one. Jwhat you guys do is incredible. I am saddened that EMHE is no longer going to be a part of television. I can honestly say that EMHE was the only show I never missed and looked forward to new shows. Well at least I won't tear up as much any more. ABC I think you are canceling the best program ever to come on air since TV was invented.
2 hours ago
Ohh no I was planning to nominate a deserving family to be on the show. I hate to see this show go. You all are awesome and are sooo needed. I am with the others who are not giving up and still want to keep the show on air. This can't happen. There are so many deserving families who need the help you all give. All of you are truly inspirational. But this family I was going to nominate tonight. Is my Best friends family. Her husband was working and had a terrible accident at work and now has to live with a brain injury and damage and is not able to work anymore. Her health is not good and it is very hard for her to work also. I would love it if you could help them. Or if you know of someone who could help them.
2 hours ago
It is touching you guys made my hometown your farewell episode and the largest undertaking to date. I will miss seeing Pauly and his emotionally beautiful designs. Farewell EMHE!
2 hours ago
after everything we have seen Ty and the designers do for families in America surely between all the fans we can put together a movement to bring back Extreme Home Make Over. Web pages and a facebook site let get all the fans together and lodge a protest so loudly they have no choice but to bring the show back. I will be researching to see if something like this is already taking place if anyone has internet space and is able to design a webpage to bring this all together please email me. This show is just to important to see it go
2 hours ago
Hola ABC, Ty y su equipo, muchas gracias por permitirnos conocer a tantas familias que a pesar de sus grandes problemas siempre mostraron una gran sonrisa y bondad en su corazon, ellos fueron ejemplo de vida y fortaleza, ejemplo de como buscar en la adversidad la fuerza interior para dar lo mejor de cada uno. Entregar una casa era maravilloso, pero igual de maravilloso fue conocer estas familias tan llenas de amor para ayudar al projimo. un abrazo y Adios Extrem makeover!!!
2 hours ago
WHY!!! WE miss you guys,It's suck see them go, but We not give up fight to get them back! please We loves this show. Hey people email to ABC to fight!!!
3 hours ago
Dear Ty and design Team: I will miss each and everyone of you, I never missed and episode. It was the best show on TV I pray another network will pick the show up. There has been many times i have watched the show that i have cried or shared the emotions to the many families you touched and lives that you had change. God Bless each and everyone of you.
3 hours ago
I hate it that my favorite show is gone! I love the cast and will miss them. Why did the network close the one show that was doing so much good for so many people? I know the sponsors have been extremely generous but if the problem was that they couldn't keep it up, couldn't new sponsors be found? Anyway.... I love the cast and will miss them!!! S S Terrell
3 hours ago
Ty and all every show was intriging I never missed an episode it is sad that a show helping people would come to an end. I hope in years to come that you all will be able to return and help others again. It was amazing to see how you could change the lives of people and make them happy again. Good luck to you all. Ty you are a special man to be able to take time and help those that needed it and get a group together you are awesome. Pauly you were the interesting one always being the leader to extra projects and making new one s as well. Julian you are cool and gorgeous and always had the nack for things.To the others who I can see your face but the names are not coming to mind. Mr. English your awesome, exhibt cool man. Pinky you are so talented. Good bye to such a great show and awesome crew.
3 hours ago
Not just the best show on TV, but the best show ever. Thank you to all who had anything to do with this show - you are absolutely the best. Most inspiring and uplifting thing we've ever seen on TV and we are simply lost now trying to find anything uplifting to watch. Our very best to you all wherever you go and what ever you do. (and TY, thanks so much for your support of NAMI and Habitat for Humanity and all of the other organizations that the show has highlighted.) Bless you all, we will miss you forever.
3 hours ago
I am sorry to see the best show on tv being taken off the air. What is wrong with people helping people? This show is going to be MISSED! Thank you to Ty and the design team for all that you have done. All of you will be missed.
3 hours ago
I'm very sad to see EM:HE go, but I feel very blessed to have been able to experience two reveals--Bridgeport, CT and Ash Grove, MO. I only wish that I had been able to volunteer for one of the episodes, but unfortunately it never worked out. Thank you so much to the cast and crew for all that you have done over the past nine seasons. Of all of the "reality" shows out there, yours is one of only a few that have truly done something good for humanity--you have changed lives. And from someone who grew up in the Ozarks and had some good friends lose their home in the tornado, thank you so much for making Joplin your last stop. Best of luck to all of the cast and crew in your future endeavors! You will truly be missed!
3 hours ago
It was with much sadness in our family to learn that Extreme Home Makeover would no longer be on the air. It is indeed an award winning show and something America really needs at this critical moment in our history. If I were a billionaire, i would personally finance the continuance of it. We wish ABC would reconider and give the show another year. If not, we appreciate all the wonderful shows you have given us. Charles & Karin Arlington, Texas
Emily Zellner
3 hours ago
I am sad to see the show go. I have enjoyed seeing the lives you have changed over the past 9 years. Thank you for the best show! God Bless you all!
3 hours ago
I too am sad to see this show end. I wonder what will so many deserving families do without this life changing assistance. I feel like the show filled a space that will not be able to be duplicated. Thanks to all those who helped to sponsor the show and all that they did for so many families.
4 hours ago
I was very sad to hear that Extreme Makeover was over. It was a ritual in my house to watch it every Sunday night and then Friday nights. I can remember almost every Sunday night when it was on my husband put our son to bed so that I wouldn't miss any of it. You have left behind a leacy that will not be forgotton. Ty was always my fav and I look forward to seeing him on his new show. All of you will be truely missed.
4 hours ago
I am heartbroken to hear that tonight will be the last time that I get to see your show. You guys have been profoundly loved. In a world where television generally does not build families up you guys did in the most incrediably thoughtful way. I love you guys and am so glad that you know what a powerfully inspiring way that your love has impacted your viewership. Thank you EHM team, ABC, Sears, Builders, and all of the beautiful people that poured into the lives of all that you touched. We, your viewers were powerfully touched by your sacrifice and dedication to improving the lives of others. All of your homes were beautiful,...but not nearly as beautiful as all of you people. Thank you ABC for nine WONDERFUL years. With all of the ugly in the world and on television you guys were shiny, shining stars. May success follow you everywhere you go. All our love FRIENDS!!!!
4 hours ago
I have a question: whyyy????I am so sad to see the show go off the air. I have watched it from the beggining... thank you for helping all those families. i wish i could be there to help you... Ty and all desiners you are the best... I'll really miss made are world better and you gave hope back to people... you proved us that we can still be humans.thank you for learning us that DREAMS SOMETIMES CAN COME TRUE... Good bye and best wishes...
4 hours ago
I think this is the only show that ever made any real sense and it done alot of good for alot of people..So why end it? It just goes to show that people actually do give up on others especially the ones that NEED the help. If you wanted to cut cost, then cut out the vacations..send them to a motel for a week. I mean there is ways around cutting cost without cutting out the show and the help that people need! I may have to just stick it out with another channel from now on. Sorry!!
4 hours ago
I will definitely miss the show, I watched it all the time including reruns on TV Land on the wkends, it is one show I really enjoyed. Ty was a great "team leader" he always got the job done, Extreme Home Makeover will be missed!!
4 hours ago
All my family and friends watched this show because it actually gave people hope which there is not much of that now in this day. I have even had family help with builds and am very proud of everyone on this show. They really showed that there are people who really care about other people in this world. They really will be missed .Thank you 4 being there 4 us. I do hope you do not give up on helping us. I live in an area that could use help but know there are people that are worse off then we are.
5 hours ago
You will surely be missed by all. It is so sad to see you go this show is very touching. You have helped so many people in so many ways. There are still so many people who need this kind of help and will have to sit back and wait. I know I will. Thank you for having such a great show for 9 years. Always, Renee Garlinghouse
5 hours ago
Huge mistake cancelling this show. Not too many family programs on these days.
5 hours ago
I can't tell you how sad I am that I won't see all of you changing live anymore! This was my favorite show on TV and I recoreded every episode. I don't understand why it's ending. I hope you all come back on TV on HGTV or one of those channels because I love watching you design! Together you are funny, compasionate and wonderful! I really wish someone would post on Facebook the reason why the show is ending. It makes no sense to me. I really wish everyone the best and hope you can continue changing peoples lives even if it's in a much smaller way. Pam Weire
6 hours ago
Hey guys I love your show from the very beginning. I will miss each and everyone of yous. Thanks for all the stories you brought into my home each week. They do inspire everyone. The tears that were shed in my home each week will be missed too. Thanks guys for nine seasons of a great show. Every show was special and I don't have just one favorite cause I loved them all. Just want to say Goodbye to the best people in TV. Love you guys!
6 hours ago
Whyyyyyyy??? It's the best feel good show on TV. What a disapointment!! Why is it they always take off what works and then put on crap? First Desperate Housewives and now this. No wonder I find myself spending more time on my computer and less time watching TV! Geez. Bye Ty and crew, you did a real good thing! ABC...Phooey on you!!
6 hours ago
Kudos to helping folks of Joplin, Missouri. Following Hurricane Irene, a great bunch of fellows from BBC Electric of Joplin came to Kings Park, NY to help us get back on our feet. They were the best and despite all the destruction they faced back home, they were here to do their best for us. Our neighborhood wanted to thank them but once they moved to another location we weren't able to give them a thanks or treat them to our hospitality. I only hope the guys that helped us are doing OK. This city will surely continue to need our help.
6 hours ago
I have been impressed and loved every episode, not only was I inspired by the designs and builds,but inspired by how you helped, lifted and comforted others that without your help could not succeed as well. I think one of the episodes that touched me most was that you build a house for a father and his family and he died...Very sad....But very hopeful too, thank you for one of the best tv shows ever done.
6 hours ago
I've seen the distruction in joplin first hand and i am really touched at what you all did. I live about 6 hours from joplin in lake city ar. and travel to joplin about once or twice in a month. Recently our church went there to volunteer through grace baptist church. We all wanted to say thanks very much for the great and wonderful work you all have done over the past 9 seasons, (really hope theres a spot left for the show to come back on in the future. THANK YOU VERY MUCH and GOD BLESS YOU ALL
7 hours ago
I am so sad to see your show go off the air. I think EM:HE is the most inspiring and feel good show on tv. I have watched every episode, without fail over the past 9 seasons. I will watch reruns, just because it is such a great show. The cast and crew have been great role models for everyone in America, and around the world. I think the episode that touched me the most was the last one. My gosh...every episode is so heart warming, but the last one, just really took it to the next level. Good bye and good luck to everyone. Thank you for 9 great seasons and thanks to ABC, Sears, CVS, all the colleges and schools and everyone else that helped make dreams come true. It would be nice to have a finale and have all the families that you have helped come back and let us know how they are doing.
7 hours ago
I think ABC made a Huge mistake, my family and I loved the show, it was really the only show we could watch together and not have to worry about drama, trash, foul language etc. Think about it what are we trying to teach our kids that there is hope and there are good people and you can help people you can make a difference in someones life..... Or that its OK to be trashy and talk dirty and be someone your not etc. I cried like a baby watching the show last night that tornado tore that town up and took lives of innocent kids and this group of people came together and helped people out and so much more how can you just cancel a show like that.. well to the cast and crew may GOD bless you all richly i pray that another station hires you and airs the show so you can continue to make a difference in peoples lives you have made an impact on so many i love you guys and i have always wanted to help i love being able to do things for others so look me up anytime best wishes
7 hours ago
I really will miss the Make over Show and ALL the good you all have done for so many people. I wish I could afford the time and money to do just some of that, but I am involved a lot in our community so am helping some. You ALL deserve medals and Extreme Love for all those you have helped.
7 hours ago
I have always enjoyed watching your show and the ministry you do for the varied people you help. Being a member of Joplin, MO watching this final episode was incredibly moving and powerful for me and my husband. I have always cried at every show and, being a resident of Joplin, even more so this time. The people you were able to build homes for were truly blessed and so are we. Thank you. Thanky for you nine years of ministry and service. Thank you for coming to Joplin and doing so much not only for the individual families but for the whole town. Thank you for being a part of our healing and allowing us to share in the lives of these members of the community. Thank you for nine years of reminding us that there is greater good in this world. Thank you for giving help and most of all hope. May God bless you all al richly as you have blessed us.

8 hours ago
I hate to see the show go. You all are such an amazing group of people. You have truly been inspiring. The world needs more people like you all in it. Absolutely amazing!
8 hours ago
EM:HE was certainly one of the greatest shows ever on tv. It showed us how a group of caring, dedicated individuals with a single goal in mind can literally change an entire neighborhood or town. This show was America at it's best. I loved every minute of it and am sad that it will not be continued. Could you consider bringing it back?? CNN has their "CNN Heros Award" each year and I think that all those working on building the houses for those unfortunate people deserve a "Heros Award". Thank you for showing me such generousity and compassion to those that truly need a hand.
8 hours ago
Thank you to each and everyone, individuals, companies and sponsors, especially the volunteers, and Ty with his teams. Congratulations for nine seasons!!! Touching so many lives directly and indirectly. I will deeply miss you every week. I probably should just say "Thank you" and be done, but will you never how much you helped me. A little over four years ago I lost my faith in humanity, leaving me emotionally, mentally and spiritually broken. People took advantage of me, to the point of betrayal, in personal, professional, and even religious or spiritual aspects of my life. Over two years ago, I finally sank into the darkness of not caring about anything, including myself or my own health. I gained up to 370 pounds and the many problems that comes with the weight. February 2010, my wife told me how I was affecting her life. The next month, I passed a kidney stone and realized I was wasting my life away and destroying my wife's life as well. I started cleaning the house, and myself, and we started square dancing for exercise. I watched EM:HE for emotional encouragement, as Ty and his teams helped rebuild people's lives. My life came together through friends, hard work and the grace of God. Today, I've lost about 170 pounds. Going from 4X shirts to Medium and size 58 pants to 36. I still have some emotional and physical problems, but I've changed so much, I'm like a new man. The last two years, EM:HE helped encourage and inspire me to have as much of a total come back in life as I will have. Every week I was seeing people acting well toward each other and helping people they didn't even know. It became my favorite TV show. I had to relearn how to be around people again, how to care again, it was a good example for me. My wife has been vital in my come back, but to see people help each other as much as people hurt me, was what I really needed. I will greatly miss the show. Ty said, in the final show that aired last night, he wanted to give people hope. That's what he gave me ...he didn't even have to build us a house. I'm just saying, Ty, and his teams, did more than what meets the eye. Thank you so much for being such a blessing to me ...and now, the people I touch. It's been said one can count the seeds in an apple, but not the apples in a seed or the ripple effect of good seeds. Thank you with all I am!!! Live well.
8 hours ago
I think that someone at ABC must have fallen asleep when they cancelled this amazing show. In this world they need this show to prove to people that there are still caring people out there and willing to help other people not just themselves. You would be crazy not to keep this show on the air This is what this world needs is to show the world that people can work together to make a difference. PLEASE KEEP EXTREME MAKEOVER HOME EDITION. With all of the fighting in the world this show helps our soldiers and men and women and children around the USA.
8 hours ago
This was a great final episode for the Extreme Makeover Home Edition to go out on. Your show opened the hearts of America and gave tens of thousands of people hope! Your love and devotion to the families that you helped cannot even begin to be measured. Just to see each week the lives changed and the families who lost everything; to see them smile again and begin to regain the hope was truly an inspiration. Ty, Page, Michael, "Pauly", and everyone else on the Makeover Team, as well as, the hundreds of thousands of volunteers who contributed their time and efforts to the show and to the families affected all across the United States, HATS OFF TO ALL OF YOU! You're all truly HEROS! Best of Luck to everyone. Your BIG HEARTS and THOUGHTFULNESS will be missed! THANK YOU!
8 hours ago
Watching your show and seeing how you have helped others, I know that I can do the same. You helped out our friends the Nevins Family from Joplin, MO and seeing their faces and knowing that everything will be ok. The Nevins Family just found out that their oldest son has cancer. Thank you for showing us that change is good and for the best.
9 hours ago
This was a sad Friday night when the last show aired. Why do they cancel the good shows? This is one show that I watched and looked forward to each week. Thank you cast and crew for many years of laughter and tears. I hope that maybe ABC will wake up and see that they made a mistake by taking this show off the air. Extreme Makeover Home Edition was a great show that helped so many families. Hope to see everyone again on TV.
9 hours ago
I just am not wanting to give up on this my favorite show ever. Please if you love this show go on the ABC website and send them a message to bring this show back. Everyone who cares please lets give it a try. Thank you to everyone who ever cared enough to volunteer. I got to do 2 builds near Nashville and I'm presently doing the Knoxville build. I am honored and priviledged to have been able to do this but I still think alot of blogs to ABC might mean something. To all the designers thankyou for all your compassion and kind words not to mention the best designed homes I've ever seen. Ty you have been such a joy you are truly a national treasure. My life has truly been changed for the good and I promise to keep on doing as much as i can to help people in need and also the precious animals in need.
9 hours ago
I have been one of EMHE's biggest fans. I have loved watching each of the episode's for the last 9 years. Each and everyone of you are truly amazing. Thank you for all you have done for some many through out the years. I think it is the coolest thing in the world to be able to do what you have done for so many. I wish you all enough of everything good in life. May your lives be blessed through your next adventures. May the Lord keep you and your families safe and blessed always. Blessings always from San Antonio, Texas
9 hours ago
I can't believe that they are taking you guys off the air!!! You are all amazing and no words can tell you guys all that you have done for the people you have helped. I will miss the show and everyone on it. Thank you for everything that you have done.
TOO MANY MORE TO LIST…Thank you loyal fans.

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